Case Studies & Applications

Case Studies:

IndustryVortec ProductTitle
Adhesives & Bonding  Enclosure Coolers 

Vortex Cooling Ensure Low Cabinet Humidity 

Lawn Maintenance  Cold Air Gun 

Cold Air Enhances Dry Grinding 

Clothing & Apparel Cold Air Gun

Workwear Production Output Improved by Cold Air Guns

Automotive Parts Air Flow Amplifier

Air Flow Amplifiers Improve Cooling Time

Aerospace Cold Air Gun

Discover How Cold Air Guns Use Argon Gas in Aerospace Application

Automotive Painting Personal Air Conditioners Cooling Vest Keeps Paint Booth Workers Safe and Comfortable
Aerospace Cold Air Gun Wrapping It Up: Vortex Air Gun Aids in Aerospace Applications
Food Manufacturing Enclosure Coolers Vortec Chills Out Control Panels in Food Manufacturing Plants
Foundry Personal Air Conditioner Safety and Comfort for Foundry Workers
Industrial Enclosure Coolers Ensuring Continuous Use Control Panels Don't Overheat
Industrial Vortex Tubes Protecting Robots in Extreme Environments
Paint & Coating Personal Air Conditioners Keeping Veteran Employees Cool and Healthy under Hot Conditions
Paper Cold Air Gun Increasing Production and Quality
Plastic Manufacturing Air Nozzles Berry Plastics reduces Compressed Air Usage by 70%
Powder Coating Enclosure Coolers Replacing Conventional Air Conditioners with Vortex Coolers
Printing Thread Guard On Demand Machinery install Vortec Thread Guard ™ Needle Coolers
Pulp & Paper Air Flow Amplifiers/Jets Exceeding Expectations: Vortec Creates Custom-Design
Recycling Personal Air Conditioners Body Cooling under Pressure Protective Equipment
Steel Mill Enclosure Coolers Targeted Cooling of Electrical Systems in Hot & Dirty Environments
Welding Personal Air Conditioners Keeping Welders Cool
Industrial Machinery Cold Air Guns Cooling Large Industrial Parts in 60 Seconds
Packaging Sprayvector Spray Nozzles Putting a Damper on Static Electricity Fires
Spraying Equipment Enclosure Coolers Enclosure Cooling and Pressurization
Automotive Manufacturing Cold Air Guns Automotive Manufacturing: Quality Over Quantity, Why Not Have Both?

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