Cold Air Gun Improves Production Output

Company Overview:

We recently were contacted by a well-known manufacturer of men’s and women’s clothing, boots and accessories; famous for their high quality, rugged work wear. The manufacturer was using one of our older Cold Air Guns to cool the double needle in a banding machine that was sewing Cordura material. The Cold Air Gun kept the needles cool preventing the looper thread from burning in two. 

The Challenge:

There happened to be another application at the facility that needed to be cooled. A belt Vortec Dual Cold Air Gun cooling clothing materialloop  material, as it came off a fusing machine, needed to cooled before moving to the next production stage. In this application the belt loop material is folded over a narrow adhesive tape and sewn together. The material is then sewn into long 250 to 300 foot lengths after which the material enters a heater for approximately 60 seconds. The materials are heated and fused together to stiffen and strengthen it. The material exits the heater at approximately 150°F and needed to be cooled before being taken up on a spooler for later use.

The Solution:

The manufacturer decided to try the Cold Air Gun that was used on the banding machine to see how it would work in the belt loop fusing process. The engineer contacted Vortec to determine which Cold Air Gun model he had. By looking at the color of the generator, the Vortec application engineer determined that he Vortec Dual Nozzle Cold Air Gun in usehad a model 620, a 25 scfm Cold Air Gun (want to know what generator you have? - check out this video).  The manufacturer fitted a modified Vortec model 610-30 dual outlet flexible nozzle to the Cold Air Gun to split the cold air stream to cool the material before and after the wheel that compresses and fuses the material together.


The combination of the 620 Cold Air Gun and the 610-30 dual outlet nozzle cooled the belt loop material from 150°F to 85-90°F which allowed the material to be taken up on the spooler without damage to the material.

How it Works:

The cold air gun operates on the vortex tube principle. Compressed air enters the vortex tube where it’s stationary generator forces it to spin at a very high rpm inside the tube. The air spins so turbulently that it is like a solid body instead of a fluid. The air spins at a constant angular velocity but the air at the center moves at zero linear velocity while the air at the periphery of the tube is moving at a very high linear velocity. The air at the center loses energy in the form of heat to the higher speed outer air stream. The inner air stream is cooled and is directed through a muffler and to the outlet of the Cold Air Gun and to the application. The heated outer stream is muffled to reduce noise level and exhausted safely out of the Cold Air Gun. The temperature and flow rate of the cold air stream is completely user adjustable via a knob on the end of the Cold Air Gun. 

How Vortex Tube Technology works

Watch this video to learn more about Vortex Tube technology

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