Conveying Solutions

Vortec conveying solutions allow you to move products quickly and efficiently from one area to another. Our solutions are easy to install and engineered to improve productivity. 

  • Convey Parts and DebrisAir Flow Amplifier

    Air Amplifiers use powerful transvector technology to help:

    - Move small components and parts 

    - Convey dust, powders, and pellets 

    - Convey plastic media and granules 

    - Draw cool or fresh air to another area 

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  • Remove FumesAir Flow Amplifier

    Air Amplifiers also provide powerful air removal to effectively:

    - Ventilate gas, smoke, vapor, and fumes 

    - Clear away metal chips and shavings 

    - Blast debris from surfaces and adjust airflow 

    - Adapt to user needs, from fume control to blow off 

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  • Transfer LiquidsDrum Pump

    Drum Pumps use compressed air and amplification technology to provide cleaning solutions that:

    - Transfer liquids, lubricants, chemicals, and cleaning fluids 

    - Remove sludge and waster water from part washers and coolant sumps  

    - Clean up spills  

    - Vacuum up scraps 

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