Cooling Solutions

We provide a number of compressed air cooling solutions that are built to improve your company's productivity, efficiency, and safety. Whether it's cooling an enclosure, cooling a person, or cooling down a product or part, we have perfected the design to provide quick, reliable cooling for your unique application. 

  • Enclosure and Cabinet CoolingEnclosure Coolers

    Enclosure Coolers ensure enclosures, cabinets and electrical panels remain functional by:

    - Keeping electronics cool 

    - Preventing tripped breakers 

    - Closed-loop enclosure cooling 

    - Preventing contaminants from entering 

    - Slight pressurization prevents dust, water, and debris from entering 

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  • Machine and Spot CoolingVortec Cold Air Guns

    Cold Air Guns provide adjustable cooling that can extend product life and improve efficiency by:

    - Cooling metalworking operations 

    - Machining of plastics, composites, woods, and rubber 

    - Cooling for quality control 

    - Cooling surface grinding, drilling, and tool sharpening 

    - Spot cooling of parts, molds, and assemblies 

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  • Personal Air Conditioner (PAC) Personal Air Conditioner

    Vortec's Personal Air Conditioners are an effective, stationary cooling solution that allows workers to:

    - Maintain comfort 

    - Minimize worker heat stress and fatigue

    - Ensure employee safety

    - Reduce frequency and duration of non-productive cooling breaks

    - Eliminates the need to cool large warehouse or shop areas

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  • Process and Spot CoolingProcess Cooling

    Vortex Tubes provide reliable process cooling and work in a number of applications by:

    - Providing instant cooling 

    - Adjustable cooling options 

    - Ensures safety by containing no moving parts or blades

    - Lowest maintenance requirements of any refrigeration techniques 

    - Easy installation 

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