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Product Overview

Adaptable Spot Cooling for Machining, Repair Shops and More

Cold Air Guns utilize vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to generate sub-freezing air as low as -30 deg F (-34 deg C) for various industrial spot cooling applications. With no moving parts to wear out, Cold Air Guns require no electricity at the target, just a compressed air source.

Cold Air Guns are predominantly used for cooling of metal parts, in the machining and repair of metals, plastics, wood, ceramics and other materials. Cold air machining performs better than mist coolants and considerably increases tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. The efficient cooling from a Cold Air Gun can prevent heat-related parts growth while bettering parts tolerance and surface finish quality.

The Mini Cold Air Gun is engineered for applications where the standard Cold Air Gun is too large to fit, or where compressed air flow is limited. The Mini Cold Air Gun uses only 8 SCFM of compressed air and produces temperatures as low as 0 deg F. The Mini Cold Air Gun is available with a single nozzle or a dual point nozzle for multi-directional cooling.


  • Improve dry machining speeds by up to 36%
  • Prolong tool life by 50%
  • Alleviates the mess, cost and safety issues of using mist coolants
  • Lessen waiting or normalization time by cooling parts quicker
  • Decrease the chances of burning and scorching
  • Eliminate the need for secondary parts cleaning after machining
  • Diminish grinding wheel loading caused by overheating


  • Produces cold air up to 70 F deg (21 C deg) below the intake compressed air temperature
  • Quiet operation; meets OSHA noise specifications
  • Highly reliable with no moving parts
  • Low pressure outlet air
  • Utilizes compressed air only– no Freon
  • System comes with a magnetic base and a 5 micron auto-drain compressed air filter
  • Magnetic base allows for easy, close in positioning and easy portability


Vortec Frost Free Cold Air Gun

The Frost Free Cold Air Gun cools tools quickly and without the mess of liquid lubricants or frost from standard cold air guns. Used in a wide variety of applications including cutting and drilling, and will increase tool life and feed rates in dry machining operations.

Vortec Cold Air Pistol

The Cold Air Pistol delivers spot cooling on demand, for cooling parts and welds, speeds tool changes, sets adhesives and hot melts, and facilitates thermal cycling. Here the Cold Air Pistol spot cools hot bearings after installation on the shaft. The Cold Air Pistol cools instantaneously, cooling quickly and with no liquid mess.

Cold Air Gun in an OEM Application

MAG uses the Vortec Cold Air Gun in their VIPER® Fiber Placement Systems to improve the quality of the aerospace parts produced by VIPER. The Cold Air Gun chills and conditions the pre-impregnated graphite fiber resin, making it easier to dispense and resulting in the highest possible dexterity, flexibility and range for large to complex aerospace parts.


Dual Nozzle Mini Cold Air Gun682
Compressed air pressure (psig) 80 - 100
Inlet size (NPT pipe thread, inches) 3/8
Minimum Outlet Temperature, deg F
(at 70 deg F inlet air)
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 350
Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 8
Outlet Air Flow Rate (scfm) 4
Dimensions, inches  
      Overall Length  13 1/4
      Diameter 1 3/4
      Nozzle Length 6 1/4
      Flexible Nozzle Diameter 21/32
      Outlet Diameter (ID) 1/8
      Magnetic base diameter 3 3/16
      Magnetic base height 4 1/16
Weight, lbs 1.3
Supply hose  
      Diameter, inch  3/8
      Max recommended hose length, ft. 25
Recommended filter size 25 scfm
Filter model* 701S-24A
Dual Nozzle Mini Cold Air Gun682
Compressed air pressure (psig) 5.5-6.9
Inlet size (NPT pipe thread,mm)
Minimum Outlet Temperature, deg C
(at 70 deg F inlet air)
Cooling Capacity (Watts) 102
Air Consumption @ 100 psig (slpm) 226
Outlet Air Flow Rate (slpm) 113
Dimensions, mm  
      Overall Length  337
      Diameter 22
      Nozzle Length 159
      Flexible Nozzle Diameter 21/32
      Outlet Diameter (ID) 3.2
      Magnetic base diameter 81
      Magnetic base height 103
Weight, kg
Supply hose  
      Diameter, mm  3/8
      Max recommended hose length, ft. 80
Recommended filter size 708
Filter model* 701S-24A

*Filter included with Cold Air Gun Systems


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Case Studies

Cold Air Gun Improves Production Rates & Quality in Paper Production

High heat on a 40” saw blade caused Carolina Paper Company to suspend production frequently to allow the blade to cool. After installing the Vortec Cold Air Gun, production rates improved by 42% and scorching was eliminated.

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Wrapping It Up: Vortex Air Gun Aids in Aerospace Applications

A ribbon of composite graphite material wraps aerospace structures in Vortec client MAG’s innovative VIPER® Fiber Placement Systems. Vortec’s Cold Air Gun 610 ensures the composite tape achieves the correct shape without wrinkling.

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Cooling Large Industrial Parts in 60 seconds

How do you take large industrial equipment from 350 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in under 60 seconds? This was the challenge faced by Anderson Machine Manufacturing, a Richmond, VA-based company

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5 Micron Air Filter 701S-24A

Models: 610-1, 620-1, 611-1, 621-1, 615
Oil Removal Filter 701S-48

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Generator Kit 106GK-8H
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