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5 Ways to Improve Plant Productivity with Air Solutions

Operating at maximum production efficiency is a goal many manufacturers strive for. Whether you are a new operation or you have been around for decades, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Below are five ways you can implement air solutions to improve your overall plant productivity.

Investigate your workflow to identify shortcomings or gaps in production

It is imperative to never assume you are operating at peak efficiency. Investigating workflows to identify shortcomings is the best way to spot gaps or issues in production before they cost you unplanned downtime. A common problem many manufacturers face is unplanned downtime due to overheated electrical panels. When electrical panels overheat, the production line is halted until the electrical components are cooled, reset or even replaced. Identifying this issue and installing enclosure coolers on these panels is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure your electronics will not overheat and halt production.

Reduce costly downtime with preventative maintenance

Performing preventative maintenance is also a great proactive habit to ensure as little downtime as possible. The frequency of the preventative maintenance is dependent on the operating conditions of the equipment.   For example, with the use of Cold Air Guns, workers can extend their tool life by up to 50% by keeping the tool at a lower temperature. This results in less downtime and cost in replacing and maintaining tools. Additionally, by using cold air cooling instead of liquid coolant, you eliminate the mess and the need for secondary parts cleaning in machining.

Increase operating speeds without sacrificing quality

While reducing downtime is important in improving overall plant efficiency, increasing operating speeds is also a key strategy to improve productivity. With the use of Cold Air Guns, manufacturers can increase machining rates by up to 36% while improving the quality of the product that is being manufactured. In this case study, discover how a paper company was able to increase their production rates while simultaneously improving the quality of the paper they were cutting with the use of a Cold Air Gun.  

Additionally, Air Flow Amplifiers and Air Knives can be utilized to increase production rates. Air Flow Amplifiers can be used to increase production by removing smoke, dust and debris for critical operating areas. And for quick and thorough blow off, Air Knives can be installed to improve finish quality of products.

Identify operating costs that can be reduced

Ensuring optimum efficiency by reducing operating costs is another factor that comes into play in manufacturing. By being aware of your operating costs and how they can be reduced can make a large difference in your bottom line. For example, by installing Air Nozzles into your production line, you can greatly reduce your compressed air consumption and therefore reduce your overall operating costs. In this case study, a bottle cap manufacturer was able to reduce their compressed air consumption by 70% after installing Vortec Engineered Air Nozzles, when compared to non-engineered nozzles. This resulted in saving the company $300,000 a year in compressed air costs.

Ensure safe working conditions for employees to stay productive

A happy and safe employee is a productive employee. In extreme temperature environments, employees are likely to take more breaks or work slower due to heat stress. Ensuring employees are comfortable and safe in even the most extreme temperatures can greatly improve their productivity. Vortec Cooling Vests offer personal cooling while keeping the employee comfortable while reducing heat stress and fatigue.  
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A Look Back at NPE 2024 with Vortec!


The first week of May was an exciting one for the Plastics Industry as the long awaited return of the National Plastics Expo made its debut. With more than 51,000 attendees from over 110 countries representing every industry—from automotive to healthcare to consumer products to construction and more, NPE 2024 was one for the books.

Vortec co-exhibited products for the Plastics Industry in the Pillar Technologies booth in the West Hall. The Pillar Technologies booth showcased their corona surface treater that promote adhesion to surfaces when printing, coating, or laminating for the plastics industry. While Vortec showcased some of our cooling technology that is essential in the Plastics Industry. This year at NPE we showcased:

Vortec Cooling Vest

Workers in extreme temperatures wear Vortec Cooling Vests (VCVs) to stay cool by minimizing heat stress and fatigue.  The VCV's improve comfort and productivity.

Vortex A/C Enclosure Cooler

Enclosure Coolers keep Electrical and Electronic Enclosures cool, clean and protected and are a low-cost alternative to expensive, high-maintenance air conditioners; and avoid contamination with dirty, humid air caused by fans.


While our sister company, Pillar Technologies exhibited the following products:

  • Lab Jet Portable Treater

    1. With it’s compact and portable design, the LabJet is ideal for research and development labs to determine watt density for different dyne levels.

  • Universal Surface Treater

    1. Converters can have the best of all available surface treatment equipment configurations by implementing the Pillar Universal station. This advanced technology features a patented design of easily interchangeable magazines and ground rolls to allow operation as a bare roll (conductive substrates); covered roll (non-conductive substrates);or dual-dielectric (delicate substrates) system.

  • Blown-Film Surface Treater

    1. Our Blown Film Station is an economical and easy-to use cast and blown film extrusion system designed with operators in mind. It’s easy to install and quick to start up, with an easy-thread, “drop through” split box design so operators can thread the web through the station in seconds.

  • The NEW P7000 Power Supply

    1. The P7000 Power Supply is the most versatile power supply series available on the market today. This compact unit incorporates both the IGBT technology and a proprietary control circuit design that enables instant and efficient “true” power.

Additionally, Pillar Technologies Business Unit Manager, Tyler Derus, presented “Making It Stick: Using Watt Density to Optimize Adhesion” on the Innovation Stage. In this presentation, they discussed the fundamentals of corona treatment and its crucial role in enabling quality adhesion on plastic films. Whether a seasoned professional or new to the field, this presentation included practical knowledge to improve your production and new product development processes.

If you would like to learn more about how Vortec cooling solutions can help you in the Plastics Industry whether it is keeping your employees or your enclosures cool and safe, contact our team today!