How Our Thermostats Save You Money.

The thermostats on our enclosure coolers are another way that Vortec is trying to help customers save time and money. We Side by side image of electric thermostatunderstand that compressed air usage can be costly, and one of the easiest ways to save money is by ensuring that compressed air is used only when necessary. Automation is increasingly growing, because it allows for ease of use and ensures that you can “set it and forget it.” Our thermostats help to reduce compressed air usage, providing an efficient and cost saving method for cooling your enclosure. Here is a look into how our thermostats work.

Mechanical Thermostats:

Our mechanical thermostats are factory set to keep your enclosure between 75-100 degrees Fahrenheit (24-38C). This non-adjustable, mechanical thermostat actuates an internal valve that regulates the compressed air flow to a vortex tube within the enclosure cooler. This unique valve and thermostat, is what helps to regulate the enclosure temperature and provide you with savings. It is not simply an “On” or “Off” valve, it can also operate as a proportional valve to allow just the right amount of compressed air to be used. This provides the exact cooling capacity needed when you need it.

The heat load within the enclosure determines how much the valve opens (or closes), regulating whether it opens partially and runs constantly. This is called “Steady State Operation.” If the enclosure cooler has been appropriately sized for the enclosure and used at the recommended air pressure, then running at “Steady State Operation” with the valve partially open offers advantages. 

1. The compressed air consumption is reduced, so the enclosure cooler is only using the exact volume of air needed to mitigate the heat load.

2. The enclosure is constantly being pressurized and ensures that contaminates and/or hazardous substances don’t get in which keeps the enclosure clean, functional and protected.

Vortec Electrical Vortex AC model pictureElectrical Thermostats:

Our electrical thermostats will switch voltages from 120 to 250 volts AC. They have a small switching differential of only 7F (4C) degrees, which controls the opening or closing of a low wattage (up to 8.1 watts) solenoid valve that supplies air to the Vortex Cooler or Electric Vortex A/C. Therefore, our products that use these thermostats operate at either full On or full Off capacity. Unlike the mechanical thermostats, they can be mounted anywhere inside your enclosure on the section of 35mm DIN rail supplied with it. Temperature control is accomplished via an easy to read dial with a 32 to 140F (0 to 60C) range.

Both types of thermostats offer their own advantages: our Vortex A/C lines of enclosure coolers that utilize our mechanical thermostats require no electricity making installation quick and simple. The intrinsic safety of this thermostat makes it ideal for use in our product lines that are certified for hazardous locations. On the other hand, our electrical thermostats can be mounted anywhere inside your enclosure and are adjustable while maintaining tight temperature control in the enclosure. Although both operate different, they are specifically designed to ensure that you get the most out of your compressed air system.

Steve Broerman

Application Engineer


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