Improve Employee Productivity with Personal Air Conditioners

Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) are a type of specialty protective equipment that is designed to maintain healthy body temperatures in extreme environments- making employees more comfortable and productive. Cooling vests can counter-act the negative effects of both dangerously high and low temperatures that can cause harm to workers, including fatigue and stress.

Heatstroke and other heat and cold-related illnesses can commonly occur in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Warehousing
  • Marine services and shipbuilding
  • Iron and steel foundries
  • Industrial painting
  • Smelters
  • Boiler room workers

These are just a few examples of some of the settings where workers may be exposed to environments that may require the use of special equipment to regulate their body temperatures. Under the Occupational and Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970, employers are required to keep workplaces free from recognized hazards. Wearable air conditioners are an economical choice for keeping employees safe from temperature related hazards while they conduct their daily work requirements.

Cooling vests can not only help with improving working conditions for employees but can also help save on your company’s bottom line. There are many positive benefits to implementing the use of personal air conditioning equipment.

Benefits of Using PAC Equipment in Any Application:

  • Effectively eliminates incidences caused by extreme temperatures
  • Boosts worker morale and productivity by making them more comfortable
  • Removes the need for entire plant air conditioning which can reduce energy costs
  • Reduces the need for employees to take cooling breaks so they spend more time on the line
  • Provides consistent and continuous temperature control, unlike ice packs
  • Promotes safety for employees

How They Work:

Workers in extreme temperatures wear PACs to minimize the negative effects of extreme environments. The personal air conditioners improve employee’s comfort and safety by keeping their body’s at healthy temperatures. When employees are comfortable, they become productive. All models carried by Vortec can achieve temperature differentials of +/- 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit from the inlet compressed air temperature using vortex tube technology.

In Vortex Tube technology, compressed air is forced through a generation chamber, which spins the air at a high rate of speed (1,000,000 rpm) into a vortex. The high-speed air heats up as it spins along the inner walls of the tube toward the control valve, where a percentage of hot, high air speed is permitted to exit at the valve.

The remainder of the now slower stream is forced to counter flow up through the center of the high-speed air stream into a second vortex. The slower moving air gives off energy and becomes cooled as it spins up the tube. The now chilled air passes through the center of the generation chamber, finally exciting through the tube into a vest as extremely cold air. 

Cooling Solutions Offered by Vortec:

The PACs have two components, they combine vortex tube technology with a durable vest. The vest is made out of plasticized PVC, a unique material that repels sweat and other contaminants. The simple design will not impair any movement and can be worn under other protective garments.


  • Provides consistent and continuous cooling
  • Three cooling capacities, ranging from 1500 to 2500 BTU/hr
  • Easy temperature adjustment even with protective clothing like gloves
  • Adjustable waist belt and industrial interchange style quick connect for an easy attachment of compressed air supply
  • Three vest sizes to fit workers of all ranges


Personal Air Conditioner Model
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 1500 2500 2500
Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 25 35 35
Temperature Drop or Change (⁰F) 60 60 60
Recommended Filter Model 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-36A
Suggested vest size L XL 2XL

More Information:

If you’d like to learn more about how PACs can positively impact your production process feel free to contact a sales associate from Vortec for pricing information or to answer any questions you may have. PAC’s are also available for order online here.

If you’d like to see more literature to learn how PACs have positively impacted businesses, please visit our case study page entitled, “Cooling Vest Keeps Paint Booth Workers Safe and Comfortable.” In it, you will see how the implementation of PACs in the Cadillac of South Charlotte plant helped improve the comfort and productivity of its staff

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