Maintenance Solutions

Vortec provides a number of compressed air maintenance solutions that are built to keep your facility operating efficiently.


  • Cabinet CoolingEnclosure Coolers

    Enclosure Coolers ensure enclosures, cabinets, and electrical panels remain functional by:

    - Keeping electronics cool 

    - Avoiding shutdowns from control panel heat 

    - Ending routine servicing of electrical enclosures 

    - Maintaining slight pressurization to keep components clean and dry 

    - Providing thermostats to control temperatures 

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  • Efficient Air UsageAir Flow Amplifier

    Air Amplifiers and Jets magnify airflow and reduce compressed air usage to:

    - Blow off and collect chips, powders, dust, and scraps 

    - Strip water and solvents from parts 

    - Provide adjustable airflow and output 

    - Provide high-speed air cooling 

    - Lower compressed air noise to meet OSHA standards 

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  • Vacuum Clean UpDual Forc Vac Drum Pump

    Drum Pumps use compressed air and amplification technology to provide cleaning solutions that:

    - Clean machine sumps of coolant and chips 

    - Vacuum sludge and wastewater from parts washers 

    - Transfer liquids, lubricants, chemicals, and cleaning fluids 

    - Vacuum and pump non-volatile liquids 

    - Clean up liquid floor spills 

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  • Maintain Employee SafetyPersonal Air Conditioner

    Personal Air Conditioners are an effective, stationary cooling solution that allows users to:

    - Maintain worker comfort 

    - Minimize the risk of heat stress to ensure employee safety 

    - Provide consistent and continuous temperature control 

    - Eliminate the need to cool large warehouses and shop areas 

    - Boost worker morale and productivity 

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