A Quick Guide to Enclosure Cooler Maintenance

Nothing in life is ever as simple as ‘set it and forget it,’ but if there was, compressed air enclosure coolers are about as close as it gets. Once you install the cooler on your enclosure or cabinet, attach the compressed air line, and you are in business. 

For a quick and easy installation process, check out our Vortex AC’s. We designed it, so installation takes under 10 minutes, see our “How To: Installing a Vortex AC Enclosure Cooler System” video for more information. 

Once the enclosure cooler is installed, and your compressed air is connected, you can get back to work and rest a little easier knowing that you only have a few things to check on your regularly scheduled maintenance. Since Vortex Enclosure Coolers have no moving parts and operate solely on the vortex phenomena, they require very little maintenance and upkeep.

Step 1 – Check the compressed air filter

Step 2 – There is no step two 

It’s so simple that it only requires 1 step. The only thing that you will need to upkeep is your filter. The filter is the key to running an efficient and productive enclosure cooler. When checking your filter, here are three essential things to remember: 

  1. Catch debris: Use a 5-micron filter (or higher) to ensure that you are truly capturing all the particles within your compressed air line. Otherwise, the debris and particles in your line will go straight into the enclosure cooler, clogging it and causing it to reduce cooling power and air pressure. 
  2. Replace Filter Element: We recommend that you replace your 5-micron filter element at least once every six months. This ensures that your enclosure cooler is continually getting clean air and that your pressure isn’t dropping because your filter element is blocked. Replacing the filter element keeps dirty air out of the vortex cooler and, therefore, away from your enclosure. Keeping your electronic equipment cool and clean will help to extend its useful life. Replacing the filter element decreases life ownership costs by reducing the pressure drop across the filter, allowing the vortex cooler and your air compressor to run more efficiently. 
  3. Air Dryer: The filter can stop particles from going through your compressed air line and entering the enclosure cooler, but it does not prevent water vapor from passing through. It’s vital to ensure that water vapor does not enter the enclosure cooler, as it could condense and clog the cooler or enter the enclosure and ruin electronic equipment. To prevent this from happening, you should install an air dryer in the line. An air dryer prevents the water vapor from entering the vortex cooler, ultimately preventing system failures and eliminating the risk of water encountering and damaging the electronic equipment inside.

Although it’s not overly complicated and it can be easy to forget this one step, it is incredibly important and 100% necessary if you want to maintain a productive enclosure cooler. Be sure to add replacing the compressed air filter to your maintenance routine, and it will save you in time and money down the road.


*You can buy a replacement filter element from any local Norgren distributor, or from SMC Corp. You can contact Norgren directly at (303) 794-2611 to find your local Norgren distributor. The manufacturers part numbers for these elements are as follows: 

These are the Norgren element part numbers for Vortec compressed air filters:

Vortec Filter Part Number






Norgren Replacement Element Number






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