The Vortec Guarantee – Customer Service and Quality

Sy building enclosure coolersMeet Sy. Sy handmakes every Vortex Cooler (electric and manual) that comes out of our facility. He makes sure that every single one is to the right specifications and measurements that are required to meet the standards that Vortec promises to deliver. Whether we receive 20 orders or 200 orders, every single Vortex Cooler must pass through his hands.

He treats each cooler he makes as a piece of art and science combined, because that is what they are. When asked, “Why do you go through every step so meticulously?” he quickly and firmly responded with, “Every customer is important, and therefore every product we make for them must be to the specifications and quality that we promised. If we don’t do this, then we aren’t living up to our guarantee. I know I wouldn’t want to buy a product that didn’t do what it says, would you?”

No Sy, no I wouldn’t. This is an excellent example of what it means to be an employee at Vortec. We make sure that every product we produce, whether it be a Vortec Cooler, Cold Air Gun or our Air Knives, meets the specifications and guarantees that we promise. This is why we offer a 10-year, best-in-class guarantee on our products. We know that they will last, that they will outperform the competition, and that they will offer a significant return on your investment. This is why people like Sy do what they do, “I care about our customers and I care about the quality of the enclosure coolers that I produce,” Sy stated.

Outstanding customer service is something we promise to uphold every single day. Every employee at Vortec works their hardest toElectric Vortex A/C make sure we offer quality service and products to every customer. With over 150 years of combined experience and knowledge of working on compressed air solutions, our employees can assist with any application. We will help to find the appropriate solution to your production, efficiency and quality needs, and if we can’t, we promise to help you find someone who can.

I am incredibly proud to work with this ITW Vortec team, we work day in and day out to make your jobs easier. Each employee at Vortec worries about providing the best compressed air solutions possible, that way you don’t have to. Please let us know if we can help answer any of your compressed air application questions, so we can help to make your jobs easier and safer!


Steve Broerman

Application Engineer


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