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Electric Vortex AC Enclosure Cooler

Electric Vortex AC

The Electric Vortex AC Enclosure Coolers incorporate an electric thermostat into the highly successful Vortex AC design providing the user flexibility in setting the enclosure temperature along with noise reduction and quick, easy installation. To learn more please call us today at 800.441.7475 or visit our product page

Current News

New Vortec White Paper Details Vortex Tubes and Their Uses

ITW Vortec, a leader in vortec tube technology and enclosure cooling solutions, today released a new 5-page, full color White Paper discussing the basic operation of vortex tube technology and guides the reader on proper application in many heating and cooling applications. This informative paper details how vortex tubes, with no moving parts, create hot and cold air streams from a compressed air source. Read more... details

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