Blow Off and Cleaning Solutions

Vortec provides numerous cleaning solutions that allow you to maintain productivity, efficiency and safety. Below are a few examples of cleaning solutions we have delivered.

Clean Up
Vortec uses compressed air and transvector technology to provide cleaning solutions that:
  • Clean machine sump pumps of coolant and chips
  • Vacuum sludge and waste water from part washers
  • Transfer lubricants, chemicals and cleaning fluids
  • Vacuum and pump non-volatile liquids
  • Clean up spills
  • Vacuum up scraps and dust from machining
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Blow Off
Vortec uses Air Amplifiers, Air KnivesSpray Nozzles and Air Nozzles to provide solutions that keep works spaces clean by:
  • Blowing debris
  • Surface cleaning and drying
  • Remove static electricity and dust
  • Clean webs, films and sheet materials
  • Blow off chips, powders, dust and scraps
  • Strip water and solvents from parts
  • Pressure spray and cleaning
  • Humidifying to suppress dust
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