Ensuring Continuous Use Control Panels Don't Overheat


PSI Control Solutions supplies systems integration and control panel assembly to large industrial clients. PSI’s engineering expertise enables the firm to provide clients with complete control solutions including control panel design and assembly; PLC programming and development; operator interfaces; low and medium voltage starters; and value add/value engineering services. The company, which now has headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as two production facilities in Kentucky, began in 1961 as a full line electrical distributor. These roots continue to provide the company with strong alliances with electrical manufacturers who supply the equipment for its custom control panels.

The Challenge

PSI builds control panels for a wide range of manufacturing clients in many industries including industrial compressor, industrial HVAC, water and gas purifications, and power measurement. Their control panels utilize the most advanced engineering and programming technology to provide ease of operation in tracking and adjusting multiple functions in industrial plants.

Often, the control panels remain in constant use in facilities with round-the-clock shifts, meaning the electronic components can be at risk of overheating if there is no built-in cooling system. “Our clients’ control panels go in hot indoor environments as well as being installed outside under various conditions. In addition,often we also have to consider UL for hazardous conditions when dealing with petrochemical facilities,” notes PSI’s Chief Operating Officer Bob Santoli. “That means we require top-of-the-line, expertly engineered cooling products.” PSI previously installed their control panels with air products supplied by a Vortec competitor, but found they needed superior, more reliable air cooling devices.

The Solution

After being introduced to Vortec products, PSI realized they had found a supplier capable of providing what Santoli describes as “a neater, simpler solution.” Santoli observes that Vortec brought “not only a better engineered solution, but one that is more cost-effective." When looking at various air product companies, Santoli found that “Vortec’s literature and documentation were excellent. They clearly had the in-depth understanding of industrial environments necessary to work with us.

When we installed their products into our control panels, we were able to enhance what we offer to our customers.” PSI currently uses three of Vortec’s products: the extremely quiet Vortex A/C model number 7725and the model 770 Vortex Cooler, both of which feature a built-in mechanical thermostat which allows wireless installation and top or side mounting in NEMA 4 or 4X applications.

PSI Control Solutions also uses the model 797SS Vortex Cooler, which utilizes a small electric thermostat for very precise temperature control. All of Vortec’s thermal management solutions are powered by compressed air, utilizing a vortex tube to generate cold air without Freon or other refrigerants for NEMA 12, 4 or 4X applications.

The Result

For PSI, relationships with suppliers of top-quality components ensure the excellence of their products. “I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Vortec” says Santoli. “We have been very happy in our relationship with them.”

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