• December 2017 ProtEX Vortec A/C receives dual certification in both ATEX Zones 1 and 21, and UL Class I, II and II Division 1.
  • August 2012
    Compact yet powerful, vortex tubes produce up to 6000 BTU/hour of refrigeration and temperatures as low as -40 deg to solve a variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs.
  • July 2012
    Summer heat can be dangerous for workers, particularly when outdoor temperatures combine with the heat from boilers, furnaces, welding, production processes and other hot jobs.
  • June 2012
    Consistent cooling of parts, metal sheets, plates and castings is critical to ensuring the quality of the finished product. Without cooling, heat distortion or discoloration may occur, resulting in increased rejection rates, rework and customer dissatisfaction.
  • May 2012
    ITW was recognized with a Summit award for philanthropic engagement from United Way. ITW is a Fortune 200 global diversified industrial manufacturer of value-added consumables and specialty equipment offering array portfolio.
  • April 2012
    When a major steel producer recently upgraded their compressor, they found that the new control panels were frequently overheating.
  • March 2012
    Carolina Paper Company recently added Vortec Cold Air Guns to cool their production saw blades.
  • February 2012
    Amplify your compressed air power four fold...while reducing noise levels by 78%
    Food Manufacturer Reduces Downtime
  • January 2012
    Clean and Pump with the Dual Force Vac
    Microtarget Cooler, part of the Vortec family of Cold Air Guns
  • December 2011
    Keep Workers Productive in Cold Environments
    See the new Cold Air Pistol in Action
    Roboworld: Protecting Robots Controls in Extreme Environments
  • November 2011
    Introducing the Cold Air Pistol
    Products for Welders
    Keeping CEM controls operational
  • October 2011
    Cool Enclosures in Harsh Environments
    Reduce Compressed Air Usage with Vortec Nozzles & Jets
    Calling all Personal Air Conditioner photos