Vortec Cooling Vest

Vortec Cooling Vests Overview

Vortec Cooling Vests (VCVs) are ideal for workers in extreme temperatures to minimize heat stress and fatigue. They can improve comfort and productivity while ensuring workers stay cool and maintain a safe body temperature. 

These vests have two components:

  • a cooling tube that generates cold air to provide airflow to the worker
  • a perforated cooling vest through which the cold air flows to cool the worker’s torso

VCVs are available in two cooling capacities; 1500 BTUH and 2500 BTUH. All models can achieve temperature differentials of +/- 45 – 60° F from the inlet compressed air temperature using vortex tube technology. The wearer can easily adjust temperatures to obtain optimal comfort.

Vests are available in three sizes: Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. The perforated material of the vest's inner lining allows cool air to continuously flow through.

These durable vests allow a full range of motion with no airflow restrictions and do not absorb sweat or other contaminants. Body cooling vests can also be worn under other protective clothing.

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  • Improves worker safety
  • Eliminates the incidence of worker heat stress
  • Reduces the frequency and duration of non-productive cooling breaks
  • Maximizes worker productivity and comfort in extreme temperatures
  • Eliminates the need to air condition large warehouse or shop areas


  • Provide continuous, consistent cooling, unlike ice or gel packs
  • Two cooling capacities available
  • Has easy temperature adjustment by user, even with gloved hands
  • All VCV models are supplied with an adjustable waist belt and an Industrial Interchange style quick connect for attachment to the compressed air supply
  • Can be worn under other protective clothing
  • Three vest sizes available to fit all workers, plus a vest extension for varying sizes
  • Vest is impermeable to sweat, dirt, and other contaminants; easily cleaned
  • Vest allows full range of motion with no airflow restrictions
  • Vest is made with flame resistant fabric that meets CPAI-84, Sec. 6 Fire Standard Specifications

*Note: NIOSH approves only complete Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) Systems. None of the Vortec Personal Cooling products listed above are approved for use with a respirator system. More can be found about the requirements in CRF 84.131.


Vortec Cooling Vests

Workers in extreme temperatures wear Vortec Cooling Vests to minimize heat stress and fatigue, and to improve comfort and productivity. Cold Air circulates through a Diffuse Air Vest to distribute cooling to the wearer's torso and neck. The air supplied to the vest achieves a temperature differential of 45 - 60 F° from the inlet compressed air temperature.


Vortec Cooling VestCoolingVest-LCoolingVest-XLCoolingVest-2XL
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 1500 2500 2500
Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 25 35 35
Temperature Drop or Change (deg F) 60 60 60
Recommended filter model 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-36A
For use with:Vest size Large  XLarge 2XLarge
Vortec Cooling VestCoolingVest-LCoolingVest-XLCoolingVest-2XL
Cooling Capacity (Watts) 440 733 733
Air Consumption @ 100 psig (slpm) 708 991 991
Temperature Drop or Change (deg C) 33 33 33
Recommended filter model 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-36A
For use with:
Large  XLarge 2XLarge


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Case Studies

Keeping older veteran employees cool and healthy under hot conditions

Vortec's Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) make high temperature work environments more comfortable and healthy for workers at DRS Technologies when working in paint booths, reducing the need for frequent work breaks, and improving productivity and safety.

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Body Cooling under Pressure Protective Equipment

Vortec's cooling vests solve a challenge at an electrical equipment recycling facility by standing up to the heat of Alabama summers, in a facility where the high number of air exchanges in the room make it impossible to successfully cool the entire area with air conditioners.

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Safety and Comfort for Foundry Workers

Temperatures in the production area of an Aluminum billet manufacturing facility sometimes soar to 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Ohio Valley Aluminum Safety Manager relies on Vortec Personal Air Conditioners to keep workers in the plant cool and safe, while not interfering with the ambient temperatures needed to produce high quality billet.

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Keeping Welders Cool

Respiratory Equipment uses Vortec’s Personal Air Conditioners. Thanks to our client Arc One, cooler heads prevail in the welding industry. Vortec helps make it possible for Arc One to extend its line of welding personal safety equipment, developing a personal cooling helmet for welders.

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5 Micron Air Filter 701S-24A

Models: 22815, 22825
Oil Removal Filter 701S-48

Models: 22815, 22825
Oil Removal Filter 701S-54

Models: 22835, 29635
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